Master Land Investing With A Hand-Selected Group Of Other Investors 

Build a substantial and predictable part-or-full-time income alongside other motivated, action-oriented individuals like yourself

  • Land, Camera, Action...No tire kickers here!  Every member of this hand-curated group has gone through the same rigid screening process to ensure a rigorous work ethic

  • Develop high-level strategies, to build a predictable income based on strategies from Travis' own playbook

  • Infinitely scalable, build a booming business profitable enough to quit your 9-5, and then implement sleek automations and outsourcing techniques to remove yourself from 95% of the day-to-day tasks

Master Every Aspect of Land Investing

Never be left wondering "am I doing this right?" You and your cohort will hit every detail of building a profitable, scalable land investing business, even if you've never closed a transaction before.

Raw Land Investing
  • Learn How To Pick Profitable Counties

    This is the #1 question Travis gets asked by nearly every new investor. Find out how to choose profit-rich, low-competition areas by using simple, powerful data and filters.

  • Run an Effective (and Cost-Effective) Mailing Campaign

    Save money on budget-draining printing and postage add-ons, and find out how to redirect that precious cash into more important uses, like property acquisition.

  • Find Out How To Plan For Expenses, Cash Flow and Profit Before Spending A Single Cent

    Most business owners throw cash at the wall to see what sticks, not realizing they're suddenly neck deep in crushing debt. Travis shows you how to set profit goals, and using a highly-tuned system, you'll know exactly what to plan on spending throughout the year. Don't guess...KNOW.

  • How To Choose The Right Comps, Then Make Offers That Get Accepted

    Blind Offers VS. Neutral Letters? Without the right data, you make offers that get laughed right into the trash...OR ones too high that sit on the market, getting stale. Instead, Travis provides exact verbiage and formatting for powerful, response-generating letters based on solid data from multiple, reliable sources.

Student Learing Outcomes:

By the end of the group training,

you will......

  • Gain awareness to just how profitable land investing can be when approached deliberately and systematically
  • Learn how to draw distinctions between land flipping and land investing business models and how to avoid the self employment trap most land flippers fall into
  • Quickly and effectively research counties and select markets in a clear, distinct process that is easily learnable and repeatable in any state or market
  • Discover the right way to pull a dataset (mailing list), set land pricing characteristics, owner & property filters as well as scrub, price and download mailing list for direct mail campaigns
  • Become proficient at planning, forecasting, and activating direct mail campaign(s) 
  • Determine the exact mail piece to use based on the market and the target market values of properties
  • Learn how to process inbound seller leads using powerful seller negotiation strategies
  • Fully understand the seller inbound process for a range/neutral letter campaign versus a blind offer campaign
  • Learn to qualify properties in 3-6 minutes using advanced due diligence techniques (easy enough that my 7-year old could do it!)
  • Discover how to manually run comps as well as value land & comp reports
  • Determine the highest & best use of land (most profitable)
  • Identify, vet and select the best Realtors in any region -- ones who know how to value, market and sell vacant land parcels for top dollar
  • Find & select investor-friendly title agencies as well as negotiate investor rates
  • Demystify seller financing/owner carry as well as the advantages, disadvantages (no one else tells you this)
  • Become prepared to handle the most frequent challenges faced by both new & experienced land investors as they start & grow their business (including rock-solid solutions you can quickly implement to master your business)

Group Training Topic Outline 

yeah, we deep dive, no fluff here!

Please don't let the depth & detail of our Syllabus overwhelm you!  Everything will be explained in a clear, concise manner in a live setting.



"I love our plan for the year, we're already on target with the properties we've sold and the others in our pipeline!


Travis has a fantastic approach to planning and goal setting, and he provides data driven, realistic expectations for the business. I've also appreciated all of the extra time he's taken to talk through questions to ensure I'm on track. Working with him is a great investment!"



Josh Chasse

Chasse Family Properties LLC

"Within four weeks of starting with Travis, I got my first deal under contract. He was very helpful every step of the way. 


My desire is to provide more financial flexibility for my family through land investing. In the short time I have been working with Travis, I am already seeing results!


I have loved working with Travis as a coach" 

Andy Barlow

Vacant Land of America

"Impactful, Informative, Rewarding!

After taking a few courses, Travis' personal coaching approach was very insightful.  


We setup practical goals, laid out a roadmap to achieve them, kicked off a quarterly mail campaign with confidence and already drove > 30 call backs."

Jason P.

Land Asset Vestors

"I was struggling with self-doubt about my capabilities to expand my mail campaign volume.  Working with Travis has been a game-changer for my land business!" 

Gary Rowe

Lawman Properties LLC

"I went my first 6 months without a deal. I bought 7 properties within 2 months of Travis coaching me! 


Travis is very passionate about the land business, and helping others succeed; you are learning from Travis himself and not some intern or salesman. Coaching is very structured and based according to your financial goals and business expectations.  He goes through the whole process with you step by step, and as someone with years of experience, can help highlight what strategies work better than others."

Johnny Forgione

Crown Acres

"Work with Travis and he will help you get deals!  It will be hands-on learning where you will get actual experience and not just learn the theory. Travis has been incredible at helping me get deals!  I currently have one property under contract and I have completed purchase on four other deals.  Purchase price for all four properties was $31,500 with a market resale value of ~100k!  "

Matthew C.

Smooth Land Deals

"Travis helps set the game plan on the right actions to take in land investing, and in my case, my skills improved and I was able to minimize my weaknesses.


Frankly I have more to learn and Travis will continue to be a significant resource and “go to” coach as I continue to learn the land investing business."

Gerry C.

GBC Ventures LLC

"Travis was great in helping me put the puzzle of land investing together. He's very knowledgeable and thorough in the entire process.  Since Travis and I worked together the land business has become easier to scale!"

Kenneth Barns

Land Asset Vestors

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